Need help easing my mind about upgrading my graphics card.

Firstly, I just signed up so I hope I'm doing this properly. :na: Continuing on.

I'm somewhat new to upgrading my computer, but I have tried to do as much research on my own as possible. However I would feel a lot better knowing that I'm making an informed decision rather than guessing, as replacing a destroyed computer is out of the question at current. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty set on wanting to buy these two products to upgrade the computer that my sister and me share. (She mainly uses it for browsing the internet while I mainly do online gaming with friends.)

The problem is I'm not sure if I am going to actually be able to do so. My computer is a store bought Dell Inspiron i570-8011BK (straight from the box, so I hope that's right :??: ). My motherboard is a MA785R M/B.
(above link has pictures to it if that helps at all)

The two reoccurring thoughts that I'm having are:

1. I'm not sure both the power supply and the graphics card will be able to fit. I could just be over thinking it though, I have a bad habit of doing that with things :(

2. I'm not sure which slot is PCI Express, there are 3 black ones and a white one. The biggest black one looks to be the same size as the white one and it has me really confused because I read that PCI Express is about half an inch longer than PCI and both are lacking a little clip thing that I've seen on pictures of PCI Express slots, which adds even more confusion.

Any help or advice that could be given to ease my mind before I go through with purchasing those two products would be most welcomed. If I have skipped any needed information or anything let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate.
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    It allegedly has a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot meaning it can accomodate a single card.
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