DSL-2750u vs tp link w8961nd vs asus dsl n10?

Hi guys am looking for a adsl modem cum router ... I decided to go with this since i dont see any advantage in having a different modem and router ...

I have narrow it down to these 3.. DSL-2750u vs tp link w8961nd vs asus dsl n10

I cant just make my mind since i dont really see any difference in the options among and not many reviews are available on them.. So should i just of the cheapest among them or is there any difference among them?

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  1. Check out the review by Cnet for best wi-fi routers (if you have interest). Nowadays, a wi-fi router is more beneficial comparing than an ADSL router. You have multiple provisions in today's Wi-fi routers such as USB port (for NAS), SD card slot, touchscreen on the router (that you do not need to log in to the web interface always to make settings) etc.

  2. So what u suggesting is get a modem and wireless router separate?

    I did think of that but i dint see any great advantage of it unless i go for a dual band router which for time being is not within my budget..
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