Program that will close all non-essential processes/services?

I need a program that will close all the non-essential processes and services? Does anyone know how to do this or a program that will do it? :pt1cable:

EDIT: Ill rephrase. I only want processes that allow the computer to start and then for me to be able to delete a file that is being used by some unknown process.
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  1. seeing that you are the one who know what your doing on the computer, how would a program know what is essential to you?

    the best/only thing is to google "disable unnecessary services windows 7 (or XP)" and see what you don't need for yourself.
  2. So, like Safe mode?
  3. ooohhhhhh.

    if you know what process is using it then right click on the task bar > start task manager >processes >highlight the process > end process.

    that should free up to delete the file

    got it?

    you ain't gonna screw something up doing it?

    then if you want to clean up things that start up with your computer. get Ccleaner and find out how it can help.
    just google Ccleaner yeah Ccleaner.
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