3 monitors on a radeon 6850.. How?

I've read a little bit of content on this, but I will feel better if I explain it from my point of view.

1. Video Card is radeon HD 6850, has 3 ports for 3 monitors, eyefinity driver/app supports 3 monitors, and CPU intel i7 supports 3 monitors.

OK.. attempting to connect / hook up a 3rd monitor to my PC, I currently have 2.
1 monitor is HD and hooked up with HDMI
2nd monitor is a wacom tablet DVI, and has it's own (what i think is) its own active port / converter box. (cintiq 12wx for ref) 3rd that I am trying to hook up is a SyncMaster which supports DVI and VGA... but DVI is the only other available port on the video card. Let me say, BOTH the monitor and video card have DVI-D - dual link ports, only cable(s) i have DVI-D single link.

problem: I plug the monitor in using the single link DVI-D cable, and my computer, and my video card detect the monitor,but
after much trouble shooting, I can't get the monitor to display a picture. The blue ring around the power button on the
monitor just blinks slow, and I have a black screen. The source is set to digital, not analog either. I did install the driver for
the monitor, and nothing.

Any pointers? Thank you for any contributions you may have. :)
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    "2.The third (or greater) display must be connected to the graphics card via DisplayPort."
  2. OK.. that is what i figured, but it is good to hear it from someone else. thanks for your feedback.
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