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just bought a laptop from best buy, bought the display model since they had none in the back , 10% of and i saw it running and played with it previous to purchase... what could go wrong... the geek squad guy said he had to reset it before i could take it home and that would take 8 hours... i came back in the alloted time period, and they said it wasn't finished i'd have to wait overnight. i said no, i just paid 700 bucks for that machine, it goes with me, does it just need to be reset to default factory setting? he said yes, thats all... i've done quite a bit of work with win xp through 7 and i figured this won't be hard, most even have a recovery module.

problem is that it cant reset, it has an area in bios (im assuming) that will look for boot image and it sees none... whats something i can do?
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    Hi billdozer1000

    You need to reset your Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 has two options namely Refresh and Reset. The latter one removes all the user data and restores the system back to the factory settings. (Same as hard reset in mobile phones and tabs).

    To reset your Windows 8 laptop, you need to restart your computer in safe mode. The link given below tells you how to do so:

    Once in safe mode, you can then Reset your computer without any issues. Make sure you back up your personal data before initiating the Reset.

    Hope this helps.
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