First PC gaming build,

hey guy's i was wandering if this was a good fair build for my first gaming PC

here's the link check it out :
i think it is a fair build, i want your opinion's though :D
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  1. what is your budget?

    maybe FX6300 will do better for you?
    you could get a much cheaper price for that video card
  2. hmm can you send me a link of the video card you recommended? :P
  3. ah sorry it just said "7770" didnt say OC/vaporx
    should be good :P
    cuz i know you can get a regular 7770 for about 100$ (i thought it was regular since there was no extra info next to it, but when i clicked it i saw xD)

    i would actually suggest 560 because it has a 192bit bandwidth over the 128bit from 7770. Many forums say that the 560 is slower than 7770 and that 560se is faster than 560 regular... but i looked around at benchmark tests... and the regular 560 comes out on top so its weird, unless im missing something. But that would be my suggestion. the 560 will do better with a higher resolution monitor as well.
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