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Hello, I was wondering is this video card is compatible with my computer. My computer is pretty old and I'm not sure if it's compatible. My computer only has 300 wattage.

My computer:

Video Card:

Thank you.
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  1. I would say be careful. PCI-Express 2.1 cards had some weird compatibility issues with 1.0 slots at the time of socket 775. Also if you wouldn't mind could to take your side panel off and take a look at your power supply. I would like to know what you have.

    Power Supply

    12V AMPS
    12v2 (if you have it):
  2. Are you gamer?why such low end card.i reccomend go with nvidia as nvidia has pci exp 2.0 whereas amd has 2.1.pci 2.0 have no problem in pci 1.0 but 2.1 has problem with 1.0.get atleast gt 630 or gt 640.
  3. Well the issue he has here is that he has a 300w PSU which will hold him back quite a bit unless he gets something very very minimal like a 610.
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