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Win 7 won't start after new video card installed


I have a refurbished Lenovo M55e; integrated graphics; only a pci slot. After much discussion on this forum, I bought I ZOTAC ZT-60604-10L GeForce GT 610 512MB 64-bit DDR3 PCI HDCP Ready Low Profile video card. Needed a card with an hdmi output.

Installed the new card - w/o uninstalling the integrated graphics drivers. Probably my first oops! Got a picture on my monitor - but never saw the "found new hardware" screen at the bottom. So I put in the cd and ran the installation. At some point windows said that my new hardware may not be working correctly. So I opened device manager and found my integrated graphics and something like "Standard vga . . . " don't remember all of it. Doesn't recognize brand; and I had it connected as hdmi - not vga so not sure if that means anything. selected the 'new' card (standard vga) and said "update driver" - directed it to the cd and it seemed to work. Computer said "you must restart before your new hardware will . . ." or something like that . .

So I restarted the computer, and now windows won't start. It tries to start - hear the little music, then the computer shuts off entirely, restarts and I get a Windows Startup Repair screen. Let that run once - computer needed to restart, but again, couldn't start windows - again. Can get to safe mode.

While you all are reading this and suggesting fixes, I'm going to go into the bios and check the primary graphics adapter specs to be sure the computer is looking at the pci first and not igp (pci > igp).

What did I screw up??

running windows 7 - 32 bit - home edition? will double check - writing this from my real desktop pc


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  1. You have wonderful logic in trying to solve this by the way. Yes I would go there and check that you have it set to PCI and not IGP.

    Also, I would go to nvidia's website and download there latest driver.

    Right click on my computer and go to properties and you will be brought to here.
  2. Hi Bigshootr8;

    wish I could take credit for that "wonderful logic" - stole it from another post on this forum - trying to fix this so I wouldn't have to come back here!

    couldn't check 32- 64 yet - not up and running. will get to those drivers also

    Went to bios - there is no place that tell me anything about the graphics card - integrated or otherwise. I went through every menu - isn't it supposed to be in "advanced"? I did notice that "plug and play" was disabled - probably why I didn't get the 'found new hardware' notice. So I enabled it. Also, don't know if this matters, noticed that under 'advanced' - "PCI parity" was enabled. Should it be??

    Bios date was 7/13/07.

    Where else would I find the chipset to check the primary graphics adapter settings?

  3. I'm not exactly sure I had a friend of mine who had an issue with a store bought comptuer who was unable to change there graphic settings within the bios. You said though before that it had started up but when you tried to install things and you restarted your computer it wouldn't work. Maybe what you could do is start over take the card out plug into your onboard and boot up and see if you can get in that way.
  4. Please --- all you computer experts out there . . . need your expertise!!! I'm out of ideas!


    Started fresh this morning; removed new card; uninstalled new drivers; computer boots beautifully on integrated graphics card (IGC). Figured out how to set video in bios; set to pci. Reinstalled new card. Restarted computer and windows runs - screen settings not right.

    Checked device manager - new card has yellow caution - incorrect drivers. Expected that. Never got the "found new hardware" notice. Grabbed the installation cd and ran installation - everything seemed to go perfectly (unlike previous attempt).

    Restarted computer and BAM! - Windows won't start. Actually attempts to start - gets to "starting windows" and little windows start to align - then the whole hard drive shuts off and reboots - kinda scary! When it restarts - goes to "Windows Startup Repair" - have to wait for that to run to shut down.

    Restarted and went to Bios. video set to start w/ PCI card (not integrated) (does anyone know what "PEG" is?) . Now . . . the memory specs in bios . . .

    Q1) What is DVMT 4.0 mode? should this be set to DVMT or Fixed?

    Q2) the total graphics memory (pre-allocated + fixed +DVMT) was set to 128 - other options: 256 or max dvmt; changed to max dvmt. ??What should this be set to?? Didn't seem to matter!

    Q3) checked drivers for new card: using newest drivers available.

    Q4) How hot should that new card be? It's pretty hot to the touch - is that normal? while in Bios - upped the fan to "high" for more circulation.

    Still no luck! Windows 7 won't start. So something is going on with the new drivers.


    MB: Lenovo 9300A15
    CPU: Intel Pentium E2140
    chipset: Intel 946 PL/GZ southbridge: 82801 GB (ICH 7/R)
    Bios: Lenovo 2QKT22AUS 7/2007

    Thanks so much for your time - hope you can help

  5. In this thread they go into PEG and they say its Pci express which would make sense as you do have a pci express slot just not a 16x.

    Also, I wouldn't go through device manager to install drivers. When you install drivers from Nvidia it will do everything you need it to do. Also, you will get more up to date drivers from the website as the drivers from the installation CD are old out of date.
  6. If you are having trouble with windows booting because of a driver problem. Try booting into safe mode, then uninstalling whatever you installed.
  7. its also possible that your card arrived DOA. It happens every now n then. :(
  8. Thanks for your input. The card seems to work. when I first install the card, and boot up the computer, windows runs. I get to the desktop. Device manager indicates that the card is running on some basic video driver. So I then install the correct drivers for that card, and that's when windows won't boot - and the HD actually just shuts itself OFF! THAT doesn't seem right.

    what do you think?

  9. Best answer
    It just puzzles me that when you install the driver to the card it won't boot with the card. I don't understand it. I went onto google and was searching for things pertaining to windows not booting up upon graphic card install but didn't find much help. My gut was the power supply but at this point I really do not know. The reason I was thinking power supply was because when the card was being powered at its full which would happen with a driver that your computer wasn't handling it or there is a compatibility issue there.
  10. Once again - thanks! It puzzles me as well! And I have been wondering about the PSU as well - which is why I brought that up on another thread - general consensus was that my 225 w psu shouldn't be a bottleneck. Perhaps it is. At least it is encouraging to know that someone else is puzzled. I never know what to think when I don't get replies! I was about to post a thread titled: "Seriously!? No one can help??" I've posted this issue on Zotac's website and started a support ticket - no reply yet. Also posted this on another tech forum: techPowerUp! we'll see if anyone there can help.

    will also get back on nvidia's website for solutions - maybe something there.

    interesting that others were having similar problems (anandtech thread).

    will keep you posted if I ever find an answer!

    all I want to do is watch movies!! sigh . . . . . why is nothing simple anymore? I swear computers are just a way to suck the life out of you!

  11. Yea I've been building computers since around 2003 now and this seems to be an issue that is difficult to solve. I'm still baffled you couldn't return the computer. Refurbished or not I would be quite upset. A lot of cheap computers within the 300-400 dollar range can watch movies easily and in some cases blu ray. This computer seems to be more of a hassle then anything for you. Trying to figure this out has left me with quite the headache just hoping there is some light at the end of the tunnel for you Kelly.
  12. Hey

    I discovered (somewhere) that Zotac makes a pci-e 1x card:

    interesting that in the feedback section on newegg, someone else could not boot this (pci-e 1x) card to Win 7 desktop - but would work in Win XP. some others noted problems with "memory parity"? any help there with my issue?

    looked up this card to see if it would be better than the pci card I have - perhaps not!

    I was trying to avoid $300-400 for a computer - since I only want to access internet on it - never in a million years did I expect this! (duh!). The computer is GREAT! - it's only a problem because I want a video card with an hdmi output.

    perhaps I should look for other video cards with pci-e 1x slots? Not like I need it for super gaming!!

    How does someone know if an upgrade is compatible w/ their system? Is it usually hit-or-miss? Perhaps I should have called Zotac before buying the thing!

    will keep you posted

  13. People know based on the slots that someone has. In theory your PCI slot graphics card should work within your system because the PCI standard hasn't changed.
    With PCI-Express things are pretty much backwards compatible all the time. Except with a exception of PCI-E 2.1 revision cards as they proved to be problematic with 1.0 slots.
    I guess a lot of this stuff you pick up through building and keeping tabs on current hardware honestly but today things are pretty much plug and play and very easy.

    It becomes a lot harder to fix older hardware as the standards have changed and there isn't much support to help you fix your problem. Other than those who have building experience probably who know there way around a computer and can probe at an issue till its fixed.
  14. Hmmmm . . .

    I got a reply from a "moderator" on Zotac's support/forum website. He states: "I think there's a compatibility issue. There are numerous issues with pre-built computers and ZOTAC's PCI graphics cards. Have you tried consulting with Lenovo? If they ask, the GT 610 card should be PCI revision 2.3."

    My reply: "Gee, contacting Lenovo was not even a consideration. This is refurbished - not new. Doesn't seem to be Lenovo's problem - seems like it should be Zotac's problem! If there are "numerous issues" perhaps Zotac should build a better card!"

    maybe a little (alot?) out of line . . . I'm soooo frustrated! I don't get what difference it makes if the computer is 'pre-built' or - what do you call it? - custom build? parts are parts - right? and if the PCI standard hasn't changed - what difference does 'older' hardware make?

    So how do I figure out what "revision" my pci or pci-e 1x slot is?

    Should I look for a pci-e 1x card? if there's another besides Zotac? perhaps another pci card w/ hdmi output . . .

    do you think I could return this card?

  15. Yea there is no reason why a PCI card should be incompatible with your machine. PCI is such a old standard that it should work however there could be in theory I have no idea.
    The different between pre built means that your computer was made from a retail company your HP, LENOVO, DELL, APPLE. Custom builds are a bit different as each component is chosen by you not the company you buy your pre built computer from which is the main advantage because you the consumer control the quality control.

    Yes you could return the card I would say that your card arrived dead on arrival that you had ample power supplied to the card and all you received was a black screen. And you would like money sent back to your card and if possible shipping paid back so you can ship it back.
  16. SOLVED!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!! The card runs! Windows runs! Life is wonderful!!!

    I suspect it was an incompatibility with the integrated graphics card. I HAD TO disable that before the new card would run WITH the correct drivers.

    OR - when I reinstalled the new card and drivers - I used a "custom" install and did NOT install the 3D drivers. I don't need them.

    Whichever one - the card is in - the drivers are in and I have a lovely picture on my TV!!


    have fun out there!

    till next time (never again!)

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  18. Silly Kelly haha! Yea you needed to have onboard disabled and yea I guess that custom install really helped :P
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