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Need Answer Fast: What is better for playing games?

I'm choosing between two entry level laptops. one has i5 sandybridge w/HD3000 and the other has a6-4400m with hd7520G.
Which one has the better GPU? which one is overall better for playing games? I'm not gonna be "gaming" on it, just playing some light games. which one would i get better frames with?

Thank You
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  1. A6 but you might be able to get something better than that (like an a8 or a10 with a crossfire gpu). What's your price range?
  2. No doubt A6 is much better for games in comparison to HD3000
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    the i5 won't game. Even on lowest settings. It has no GPU

    The a6 will be better. Low/medium settings in modern games.
  4. Yeah I have a laptop with a a10 7660g and its great. Much better than my friends i5/hd4000.
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