What kind of Graphic Card that fit to my Dell xps 14z Notebook? What about GTX 5

Hi, Every One!

I'm new to this forum and first post as well. I have low-end graphic card nvidia GT 520m and want to change it for better gaming on my Dell xps 14z Notebook. Since I'm not an Expert in kind of Computer science, i'm really don't know what kind of graphic card that good or bad. I have also look at the internet and I found 2 Graphic cards that fit to my budget, GTX 550 ti and 560 ti.

So now i want to know that will these two graphic card support my Dell xps 14z Notebook? How much power does it need?
Sorry for bad english!!
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  1. Those are desktop graphics cards and are not the same as the mobile one you have in your laptop which are far more expensive, do not perform as good as their desktop counterparts, and are much, much harder to find.
  2. If you want better graphics you will have to buy a new computer as your notebook does not allow for upgrading it's graphics card.
  3. Well, thanks you for your answers. I just know this and My teacher also told me to stop playing games on Laptop as it will slow down CPU's Life span. However i buy this laptop is just for studying and other purspose only (Play game for some time).

    Anyway, purchasing a powerful desktop for gaming are really expensive. I think i should buy xbox ps3 or PS Vita is better.
  4. As long as your system has proper cooling there should be no issues with gaming affecting the life span of any component inside a computer.
  5. But As You know, it still not smooth like you play on those Desktop or Console.
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