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CPU Temp gadgets don't work after Hyper 212 Evo Install

I just put in my COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 evo into my tower and when I go to my desktop my gadgets work, and I use them to babysit the CPU while overclocking, but they don't work, is this normal? IT worked when I had the stock cooler on there. But I need a Desktop Gadget or something I can monitor my CPU usage and temps on while I overclock, All CPU gadget completely doesn't work (what I had originally and now doesnt work)

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    Download Coretemp. Its a great program.
  2. tiny voices said:
    Download Coretemp. Its a great program.

    The PROGRAM version of CORETEMP is the only thing that works, but the gadget version that works like ALL CPU, doesnt work...
  3. Try speccy?
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