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LED Monitor/HDTV/GTX 660


I have recently built a computer, my first one. Here's some specs:

i5 - 3570
Asus P8Z77 - V
1 x 8 GB RAM (get more later)
1 TB HDD (will later get SSD)
Corsair GS600 PSU
Creative 5.1 Surround

System is running beautifully, so far.

I am planning on purchasing an EVGA GeForce GTX 660 with my next paycheck. I have done a load of research into monitors and hdtvs. I guess my question is: I also own a 2012 LG 42' Plasma 720p, I currently use it as a monitor for internet use, TV and movies, (with a wireless keyboard/mouse) and some gaming (the Intel HD 4000 is pretty usable for some games on low/med quality). The monitor I am planning on getting is a BenQ GL2450 24' HD (1920x1080, 5 ms) widescreen. I plan on using it for gaming. Like visually, will I notice a difference? I understand both are 60hz, but I've heard pros and cons for both monitor and HDTV, distance to TV/Monitor, refresh rates, response times, etc. That overclocked GTX 660 is max refresh rated at 240hz. I can't afford a 120hz or a 240hz monitor or HDTV. Is this going to be a big difference if I game FPS? I also like RTS, 3rd Person games, and will be doing some video SFX/editing with this setup. Casual gamer, not a pro or anything, but I do like my games to look pretty. I understand that if my system is producing faster than 60 fps, the monitor/tv will only display 60 fps?

Any thoughts or suggestions? About the monitor in question? I may put in an additional 660 down the road, but I'd like to see how this setup games first.

PS - Any tips on the flash BIOS thing on this mobo would be appreciated, I have not usb flashed it to the updated bios, yet. Or any newbie tips for me: like I only have the two stock fans in Antec case and CPU fan, is this good enough? Did not put any of that liquid stuff on CPU, I think there's already that grey putty stuff on it. It's decently ventilated, how often should I clean/dust it?
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    what you have will be just fine, Ive used a standard monitor, and an hd tv, and if your up close the monitor looks way cleaner, especailly with letters they looks like letters, and not pixels put together. And the setup youll have will run battlefield 3 no problem, and if im not mistaken its the highest demanding game. Will also run games like crysis, and metro 2033 just fine. Video editing will depend on how serious you are. Like pixar 4000 dollar software 3d animated video rendering, probably wouldnt hold up. But like the steam video editing applications, and photoshop should do you just fine. You also dont really need more than 8gb of ram. I recommend a heatsink for your i5 cpu if you dont have one. Also the grey putty stuff is thermal paste. You have a good system with the gtx 660, but look in to the amd radeon 7950 its a little more, but kicks ass compared to gtx 660
  2. Cool, samander95, thanks for the input. Video sfx, like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, etc. No 3d high end stuff.
  3. Screw it. I'm gonna save up and get a 120 hz monitor. This bad boy: BenQ
    XL2420TX 24in. Don't really care about 3D, but I'll check it out.
  4. any ASUS brand monitor is great, personally i have the 23 inch 5ms and it was a steal for only $149 @ newegg
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