Nvidia geforce 8400gs secondary display does not come on until I change color se

Hello, I have installed a Zortac branded nvidia GeFroce 8400GS dual display graphics card into my Dell Optiplex 745 tower in the PCI express slot. I have a monitor connected to the VGA output as the primary display and it works fine. I have a television connected to the s video port as a secondary display in dual display mode. There is a DVi port on the graphics card that I am not using. When the computer starts, the secondary display does not receive a signal. Windows XP loads and there is still no signal to the secondary display. The only way I have found to get the secondary to work is to right click on the desktop and go to properties > settings tab and then change the color settings on the secondary display. Once I hit apply, the secondary comes on and functions perfectly. It does not matter what I change the color setting to - as long as I change it at least once. When the computer is powered off, the process repeats. Can anyone tell me how to get the secondary to work without having to change the color setting each time I start the computer? Thank you very much! I have been messing with this for a while!
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  1. Check the other settings, at first it sounds like compatibility, but since it doesn't matter the setting as long as you change it, apparantly it just needs to be polled before use. Keep in mind the 8400GS is an ancient low end card, at any moment officially legacy status by Nvidia. Also, video via S-Video is analog for all intensive purposes. You can try using an extended desktop of something that uses the second monitor by default, but you might be better of switching to the DVI port especially if the monitor is digital.
  2. I know the card is old. I use the computer for my disc jockey service. I need an s video out for most applications, so I use the older cards. You mentioned that "it needs to be polled"... What does that mean? Is there any way to force that to happen at start up? Thanks
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