Should I put in new parts into my system or not?

I have an HP Pavillion a1322in with a micro atx tower. Now I was feeling like upgrading the parts to:

Asus Motherboard P8B75 M LX (Mixro Atx Form Factor)
Intel i5 3470 Processor
4gb DDR3 Gskill RAM (2x2 Modules, mobo is dual channel)
And maybe even get my 9500 gt up to a 630 gt (4gb, need the extra memory for 3ds max)
I already have an fsp saga II 400 watt installed.

Now I am on a budget so I'm not really looking for suggestions as price differences between US and India are quite large.

What I wanted to know is, will the system heat up to such an existent that it's parts may get ruined (My current config of a Pentium D 820 stock cooled, 9500 gt, has only ever reached a maximum of 50 degrees as far as i have checked using the software temperature monitors, i'm using the original 120mm fan that came installed in the system, except for the graphics, the ram and an added hdd nothing has been touched) or is it safe to upgrade?

All the parts are compatible to the best of my knowledge

Thanks for any info.


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  1. If your system is running at good temps now, the upgrade shouldn't make a difference. If anything, the new CPU and GPU will run cooler.

    Moving from the 9500GT to the 630GT will make be a fairly noticeable upgrade for gaming. You should be able to maintain high-ish frame rates up to 1440x900 resolutions in all but the most graphically demanding games. Of course, it depends on the settings too.
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