Ati radeon 4850 dual dvi dell xps crash

I have a Dell XPS 430 PC with ATI adeon 4850 512MB graphic card.

Recently I've tried connecting a second monitor to my PC using the second DVI port. After a few minutes the diplays start to distort and shortly thereafter I get a blue screen fault. Multiple reboots are required to restore normal operation. I thought maybe the PC is overheating but ventilation seems fine and the onboard fan is working. The problem occurs even if two DVI cables are connected and monitor 2 is switched off. Both monitors work perfectly well in isolation as primary monitor.
I've tried setting BIOS to PCI and PEG but no difference. Any suggestions?
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  1. All drivers updated? If yes, download "speedfan" to monitor the temps. If temps are ok, we need the error / stop code from the blue screen. If you have that, either post it here or past it to google and see what comes up.
  2. Many thanks - ran "speedan" and shows GPU temperature ~65deg. Increasing fan speed rapidly lowers temp so will try running both monitors with lower GPU temp.
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