[New Build] How many years of gaming can I get

So here's the Spec's for my new build I built I'm just curious how many years I'm looking at with high end gaming performance

CPU: i7-3930K (2011 Socket)
M/B: Asus Rampage IV Extreme (2011 Socket)
RAM: Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 64GB
GPU: GTX 690 4GB Dual-GPU
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 1500W 80 Plus Silver
CPU Cooler: H100 Corsair using Noctua NF-F12 PWM Fans
Case: Coolmaster Storm Trooper with Window
SSD: 240GB Intel 520 Series
HDD: 2TB WD Caviar Black

What kind of high end gaming time frame am I looking at I'm hoping atleast! 5 years
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  1. 2yrs, maybe three if your willing to lower settings.

    Quite simple, technology moves too quickly to future proof that far. A Core 2 Duo Extreme was a $1000+ CPU in 2008, by 2011 it was outperformed by the 2500k, a mid-range processor for around $200.

    Get the time frame your thinking of and go backwards, would an 8800GT (fastest GPU of 2007) max out Crysis 3?
  2. It's always best to get an mid range build and upgrade slightly more frequently, much better bang for buck

    2 x $200 cpu's over course of 6 years is better than buying an $400 cpu that won't last 6 years before needing an upgrade

    same thing with GPU's except even more so with DX versions being updated every so often
  3. Hmmm good point so im looking around 2-3 years high on games and than downing my settings lower and lower until i just need another upgrade but at the same time around than as u say im looking at whole new tech like problem ssd's will have been alot more advanced by than high GB's less price more performance same with the rest damn but i guess i'll make a savings and every couple of years up it when needed but thanks for reply i guess theres no way to get the best when a year latter theres a new best hmm cheers
  4. Yes, there is no build that can ever be future-proof.

    Linus, an expert in PC building, explained it in a youtube video.
  5. The 3930K can EASILY handle 5 years of gaming without a problem but the GPUs get outdated way too fast, you need to upgrade GPU every 2 generation at most in order to have a good gaming PC. The system you describe above has way too much ram for now, just get less and upgrade later if needed. Also 1500W is a rediculous overkill, you only need it if you ever plan of buy 4 GPUs. Get about 850W and you are ok. For eco-friendly reasons no CPU or GPU manufacturer will ever make you need that much for a single cpu + single GPU setup.
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