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CrossFire HD7870 Gigabyte OC BSOD issues.

January 13, 2013 10:21:00 AM

So, I got 2 Radeon HD7870 Gigabyte OC Edition running in crossfire mode at 16x/4x on a 80+ cert. 620 Watt PSU. 2 sticks of totally new RAM totalling at 8GB. My CPU is a new Intel i5 3330.

Currently I'm running on the newest ATI beta drivers. I have tried running on previous version, which were in some cases worse.

I keep getting rather random freezeups and BSODs. At one point I would get them for instance when starting up GPU-Z. Now I've had a few happening when starting up Waterfox (64Bit Firefox). I get them sometimes during games as well.
I have managed though, to play through Crysis 2 at highest graphics with no issues. So the problem does not seem to be related to the load on the GPU's. I'm really at a loss, is it simply bad drivers? As I said I have tried different driver versions, and nothing seems to help, and it seems rather random.

When I installed the cards, I experienced a LOT of BSOD on startup. I used Atiman to remove all drivers and reinstalled the ATI drivers etc. and this seems to have removed the most frequent BSODs, but they still happen. What can I do?

Also it seems they happen in "bulks" rather than continously. As in if one BSOD has happened, another is bound to be incomming, until they slowly dissapear and then suddenly reappear a lot again.

I have tried both cards on both PCI-e slots seperately and switched around as well. The issues seems to only happen when in crossfire mode.

EDIT: This is my PSU:

It is roughly from the time the 4850 was a relatively new card.

Furthermore the BSOD error in questions is 0x00000116. I have tried editing my registry and added TdrDelay 10, which has helped some, but not all. I'm thinking this might be a bad solution and I'm running some risk by setting a longer delay. But I cannot seem to figure what the issue causing the bad communication is.