Need help - PC Specs!

First and foremost I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make regarding my spelling/grammer, english is not my native language!

Well, I've been lurking for some time in this forum whenever I had any sort of problem with my PC, but I never actually made an account. Yet, since I am trying to build my first PC, I ended up registering for an account to see if any kind sould would help me out.

These are the specs I am deciding on:

Processor - Intel i5 3570:

Graphics Card - GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB:

Power Supply - Corsair HX 650w:

Memory Cards - Corsair 8 GB:

Mother Board: ?

Mother boards are an serious issue, in Brazil they cost 3x-4x the price you will find in newegg/bestbuy/etc., so I have no idea which one to buy since they are coming out as really expensive to me.

What are your opinions in this computor? Any advice? Remember that I have no intention to overclock.

Thanks in advance peeps!
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  1. You can save money by getting a 500 Watt power supply, you don't need as much as 650 watts. Also 8 GB of RAM is necessary for good gaming, 4 just isn't enough anymore.
  2. Thanks, I will start searching for a 500w power supply here to see the $$ difference, maybe I can save some bucks there.

    Regarding the memory, I believe that link shows a 2 pack of 4 gig rams, adding up to 8 GB.

    thanks for the input. :D
  3. got a website i can use?
  4. For what? looking for a motherboard?

    If so, there is this one:

    The exchange ratio is roughly 2 brazilians reais for 1 dolar. Also, you will see an almost absence of Asrock motherboards =/

    I don't know how well google translate is going to work at that page, but as you may have seen the Intel mobo's are in the right column.

    Thanks alot for the help guys!
  5. How bad are customs to get to you? If the motherboards really are that expensive, it might very well be cheaper to have someone in the US buy a motherboard, as they're cheap here, and ship it to you.
  6. Amazon employees have compared brazilian customs with Dante's 7th circle of hell.

    I can try to persuade someone that is traveling to bring a mobo from the US, but since they are already bringing the graphics card (That have even more outrageous prices as you can see.) I don't want to push it.

    Do you guys have any recommendations of a Mobo that would go up to R$300,00 in that website?

    @iceclock - Dear lord, I can't afford 300-450 dolars on a Mobo. Do I have any shittier choices?
  7. stick with an asus or gigabyte motherboard. except if u dont get a p67 or z77 board u cant overclock. so h61 or h77 be ur best bet
  8. Thanks alot for the input iceclock, there are some h61 and one h77 mobo that can fit my budget.

    Is there any difference between the h61 motherboards? I saw like 6-7 different types, would you recommend any specific one, and why?

    Remembering that I have no intention in overclocking my pc! thanks alot for your help!
  9. id go with h77 tbh
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