Ill keep it simple~ which one is the better deal?

Galaxy GTX660(non ti)-- $230

Sapphire HD7850-- $190

Galaxy GTX650Ti-- $160

Though Im kind of atracted to the Nvidia technologies like SLI FXAA TXAA Adaptive Vsync etc.
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  1. Gtx 660 hands beats all other two gpus.get gtx 660.
  2. The 660 is the fastest of those three...also consider the 7870, it trades blows with the 660.
  3. Im not talking about how gd the card is I want to know which has the best performance to price ratio~
  4. For the price hd can handle games at 1080p at high
  5. The HD7850 has the best price/performance ratio out of those three, so I'd go with the HD7850, if I were you.
  6. If it's a 2GB card, I would get the 7850 at that price. 660 is slightly better in terms of performance but at $190, the 7850 has the better performance per dollar ratio
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