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Connectivity between ADSL Modem Router and Wireless Router

Last response: in Wireless Networking
February 11, 2012 7:23:34 PM

Hello Everybody,

I am having some problem of connectivity between ADSL wireless modem router and another wireless router. The HUAWEI Quidway Wa1003A ADSL Modem-Router (provided by BSNL, my ISP), having 1 USB port/1 WAN port/1 LAN port, is connected over Ethernet cable with my desktop in my 1st floor. I have a laptop also, which i generally use in the 2nd floor. But the wireless signal is very poor in the 2nd floor due to the walls. I have one ASUS RT-G32 Wireless-G Router having 1 WAN Port and 4 LAN port. So, placed the ASUS Wireless Router in the 2nd floor and tried to connect those two routers through Ethernet cable to get good wireless signal for my laptop. I connected those two routers using Crossover Ethernet Cable (checked that cable with cable checker). Set the IP of the modem-router as Subnet Mask : and did not put any value in the Gateway. I disabled Wireless option and kept DHCP Server ON. I also put the username and password over there to get always on internet service.

For ASUS RT-G32 wireless router, i put an IP :, Subnet Mask : and Gateway : Wireless option is enabled and DHCP is disabled. After that i found neither of the LAN indicator of HUAWEI modem-router nor, the LAN port indicator of the ASUS RT-G32 router were glowing and there is no internet connectivity found in that network.

Please advice me how to connect those router and get wired & wireless connectivity from ASUS router as well as from HUAWAI ADSL Modem-router.

Thanks in advance,
February 11, 2012 11:54:26 PM

First of all you need to use a normal Ethernet cable. You also need to enable DHCP on the first router and second router. However, you should split the ip address range over both routers so that you don't get any IP conflicts. Try this

Huawei router = DHCP enabled > IP address > IP Range to

Asus router = DHCP enabled > IP address > IP Range to > Default gateway

Use two different network names and channels as well to get the best signal.
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