Nividia gf6500 256mb, not displaying correctly - repair or replace?

I have a ECS Nforce4-A939 motherboard, it recently stopped connecting to my monitor, displaying 'no connection' on the monitor. I booted in safe mode and removed my display drive which resolved the problem of me not being able to boot up.
The display does not display correctly and windows tells me that it has found that i have conected the card but it can not install the driver, if i install the driver from nivida i am told that it has not passed the 'windows logo test?'

Can i fix the card or show i find a replacement? I am happy to upgrade the card but i do not know what will run with me motherboard? can any one suggest anything decent and cheep?

I have been looking at this but unsure if it will work with my set up -

Thank you, mark

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  1. That's such an old card I wouldn't mess with it any more. That 210 will probably work just fine. There are more modern cards you could use like a HD7750 or GTX620 but they would be more money.
  2. Thank you for the response,
    So you think the g210 will work, i dont know alot about computers and i just want to make sure im not wasting my money, Iv read that any card that is PCI express should fit in my motherboard. Is this right?
  3. It will probably work as a replacement for your 6500. The only concern would be your power supply. Can you give me the specs on that? It requires minimum 300w.
    This is a picture of my power supply it says 400w so i guess this is good enough?
  5. 25a on the 12v rail so it's good enough. Enjoy.
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