New Gaming Rig, But What PSU do i choose?

Hey Guys, So I've Been putting some components on my list but the main problem is the PSU

So here's the components:

i5 3570
Asus Radeon HD 7850 DirectCU II Top 2Gb GDDR5
Corsair Vegeance Ram 8Gb 2x4GB sticks
MSI Motherboard Z77A-G41
Seagate Barracuda 1TB Mechanical HDD
LG Drive DVD Burner

but im still chooshing the PSU and i want your help, which is the best?

The Corsair VS650?
-> (couldnt find it on amazon)

The Corsair GS600?

if i go with the gs600 will it run all the components?
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  1. Corsair is usually really good, but I've never heard of their VS series and it's not even 80 Plus certified.

    I'd get the CX600 at a minimum:

    The GS600 will be more than good enough, but I also think it's a bit overpriced. Buy it if you like the lights. Buy the CX600 if you want to save money. Consider the HX650 if you want more connectors, gold certification, and a semimodular design for about the same price as the GS600.
  2. Thx Guys ill take on the CX600M
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