Event 41 kernel-power random restarts

Hi all,
Just recently, I built a new pc and installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on it. I also installed planetside 2 so i can play on it. But everytime I play the game, my pc reboots fifteen minutes later without a bsod.

I went on the event viewer and it says there is a critical event 41 kernel-power.

So to see what the problem was, I installed passmark and stressed my cpu out and there were no restarts. I also benched my gpu without any restarts, but when i benched my gpu on 3d mark, it restarted twice.

I did the memtestx86 and got no problems and no errors. The things which could be causing the fault is the psu, but i dont know how to test it and i dont have a replacement. My psu is a Taurus x p530w. Please note that I havnt overlocked.

IT also definately isnt overheating. At idle, cpu runs 30-35, and at full load, it is about 50 degrees. gpu is 60 at full load.

My system specs:
AMD fx 8320
M5A78L- MLX V2
Corsair vengeance 1600 mhz 1 module.
ST3320418as ATA hdd
Nvidia Geforce 250 gts

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that ram is 8gb.
  2. Been having this problem last couple days,i just went into : Start / Control Panel / Hardware & Sound / Devices & Printers / Device Manager / Sound,Video & Game Controller and i disabled the AMD High Definition Audio Device and left Realtek HD Audio enabled and my comp hasnt rebooted yet.
  3. Hi, a few months ago i bought a new PSU and it solved the problem
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