7950 in a Fractal Design Define R2-case?

Hi there,
I'm about to upgrade my GPU and was looking at the Gigabyte HD 7950 Windforce card.
I got the old Fractal Design Define R2 cases (without removeable HDD-cage)
and it says that it can take GPU's up to a maximum size of 290 mm, now on the sites I've been looking at
the Gigabyte is 290 mm.

Will this fit? Or should I settle for something like a GTX660? ._.

I'm really satisfied with the computer housing I got and don't really
wish to spend money on getting a new one.

Thanks in advance.

I might be in the wrong section, I apologize if that's so.
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  1. You can get an MSI 7950 Twin Frozr which is 261mm based on MSI's website
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