Radeon HD 6450 no display

Finally got a new graphics card to replace my rather outdated geforce 7500LE, but even though the card has been inserted it's still booting using the integrated intel graphics VGA port. I have tried disabling and uninstalling intel drivers but with no success. Ive changed the bois to boot from PCI E and again this has had no effect. I have been having this problem for two days and it's becoming a nightmare.

Specs if it helps:
Intel Core duo E6320 CPU
Intel DG965OT MOBO - Does not suppoert PCI e 2 and i know this will bottleneck the card, but it should still work
2 x 1GB DDR2 RAM
300W PSU, (I know the Radeon 6450 recommends a 400W but I've looked around and apperentely it shouldnt be a problem)
And right now the intel chipset family graphics instead of the Radeon HD 6450 -_-

Replies would be greatly appreciated
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  1. There will be no bottleneck even if you put pci 3 in pci 1 slot.just go to your mobo's website and update your bios to latest.
  2. Is that really all i've missed -_-

    The quick reply is greatly appreciated
  3. Silly question but are you using the VGA/DVI port off the video card into your monitor?
  4. yes, but it doesnt display through that port, it still uses the MOBO one...
  5. Try what ASHISH said than. bios update should work
  6. alright, so just make a bootable iso and go from there?
  7. Not valid for my system ^
  8. This download record provides four options for updating the BIOS of the following Intel® Desktop Boards: DG965MQ, DG965MS, DG965OT, DG965PZ, DG965SS, DG965WH, DQ963FX, DQ963GS .
  9. is there a flash option in your bios? download the latest .BIN and try flashing with your bios.....if not then you'll have to do the DOS option or find the intel bios updater for windows
  10. I honestly feel useless right now, everything i try provokes compatibility issues with my motherboard; even though i know the specific model...
  11. okayyy flashed and done, latest version of the MOBO bios, same problem, no picture and its automatically using my MOBO's VGA slot
  12. change to pcie in bios?
  13. from what i read it might be your PSU if changing main display to pci/pcie in the bios doesnt work
  14. ive changed to pci e, it seems to have no effect...
    I was thinking that, though apparently it should work
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