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I recently bought my first graphics card. It is an EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, and the computer is a DELL Dimension E520. There are 4 total PCI slots in the computer, two regular, one of the PCI Express x1 and one PCI Express x16. The card requires the x16 slot, but two spaces. I don't really know what to call them, but I would have to (in principle) remove two PCI shields for it to fit. On my computer from 2006, the x16 is the last slot and thus there is no extra "shield space" for it to fit into. I just paid a lot of money for the card, and want to make sure I can use it. Is there any sort of adapter or something that will allow me to take advantage of the other unused spaces while still plugging in the card?

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  1. I don't think they have such adapter... time for a new case or you have to mod that case (drill a hole for the second space)
  2. No. No other type of slot has enough bandwidth to accomodate a video card.

    The easiest solution is to return the video card , and look for a low profile video card (single slot). The single slot version of the 7750 is the strongest low profile card I can find, and is roughly equivalent in performance to the 650.

    Another solution is to buy a larger case, but that would mean transplanting your entire system.

    good luck!
  3. I do not understand your problem.

    I looked at the owner's manual for your PC

    It shows a M-ATX sized motherboard with the X16 pcie graphics slot in the normal position, closest to the cpu.
    The second slot space needed by the card will be where the next pci slot is located, not above the card where there is no opening or shield.
    It looks to be populated with a graphics card already, and something in the slot below it.
    You will need to remove and discard or relocate those adapters to make room for your new graphics card.

    I do not know how strong the included PSU is, but normally, they are minimal size, like 300w.
    Your GTX650Ti is a fine card, but it will need a 450W psu that has an auxiliary 6 pin pci-e power connector.
    You may be faced with a psu replacement too.
    A Corsair CX430 would do the job and is not expensive.

    If I have misidentified your pc, could you post a pic of the problem as you see it?
  4. geofelt said:
    I do not understand your problem.

    It's a micro BTX system, the card will be facing up
  5. delluser1 said:
    It's a micro BTX system, the card will be facing up

    AHAH!! I see my mistake.

    If you will keep this pc, I see no option but to return your graphics card in favor of a one slot card.
    The fastest one I can find is a PowerColor AX7770
    The fat part of the card will bewhere the dual slot goes

    It is about the same capability of the GTX650Ti.
  6. Trollolololol
  7. There is a way to get dual slot cards to fit in it. (*Low profile is not the same as single slot. Low profile is half height, the e520 case can accept full height cards but only a single slot, normally.) Looking at newegg, all the evga 650ti do not have a video output on the second slot so this will work. Simply unscrew the i/o plate off. This does not void the warranty. The other ways involve some modding so would suggest this easier method.

    Or you can just return it for a single slot card. I hope you are not using the stock 305w psu with a 650ti. A 650 is fine but not the ti version.
  8. The reference 650 TI does not need dual slots for mounting, but many others have the 2 slot setup.

    The cards heat sink will stick up into the second slot for sure, if you have room, you may be able to cut the case or the slot cover(strange as it sounds cut it down to one slot) to make it fit.

    What is the EXACT card model you are using?

    See if you look here, The reference 650 ti does not have a 2 slot wide slot over at all.

    As for the power supply. How much current on the 12 volt rail. If the rest of the system is fairly light(No more then a 95 watt cpu, 65 watt preferred 1 hard drive 1 optical drive 2 sticks of ram mATX or smaller board), a 650 ti should be just fine. Got one in my media center with a 300 watt power supply.

    EDIT, My bad on the card model. I see what you have, Best bet is to cut the case if you really want to use that card.
  9. Haha thats funny I have one of these on my work bench right now. This one has an older 8800gt in it. This has got to be the worst designed case I have ever seen. What is the logic in it? Your stuck with a single slot card.

    Anything wider will simply not fit as it will hit that huge ugly fan-mount-shroud-heatsink assembly.
  10. There are quite a few posts around the web about the e520, it was quite the popular prebuilt. The psu would work with a 5770 but because of the age, I wouldn't suggest it now. It's 22 amps. The cutting method only involves removing this small piece sticking out. But unscrewing the io plate is just so much easier.

    The length is not of a concern with the air duct because the card is short. I have a single slot card but dual slot heatsink/fan on my e520.

    Lots of misreading in this thread, and even a troll. Today is not a good day it seems.
  11. You could try to replace the io shield with a single hight one from an old video card. If you plan to use the DVI port most dual dvi cards will have the ports in the same spot.
    Or you could just remove the shield altogether and zip tie the card to the chasis.
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