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So, I just got my PC back, after I moved out of state and had someone else move it for me... They Dropped it :fou:

When I tried to boot it back up, some windows files were corrupt on my SSD but all the hardware seemed to be good, I was able to load Windows 8 on to it, and get the PC up and running again.

Now, My Nvidia Geforce Driver keeps Crashing. I get a black Screen, on both monitors, If music is playing it lags out. Then I get a bubble saying Nvidia Driver has Crashed and restarted succesfully yada yada yada. I've read up on that saying that on Windows Vista & Up, thats a saftey measure to bypass the BSOD. Well, I keep getting this, Its progressively getting worse, It used to only happen when my pc is running for more than an hour, now it just happened 10 minutes after boot.

Just now, I tried booting up, and I was getting the same blank screens, and my mouse and keyboard were not booting (I have Razer Lycosa & Naga, so when the PC turns on they get blue lights on), I was getting 3 Loud beeps from my PC, instead of the standard 1 beep on boot up. I had to reboot a few times to get it up and going.
A few reboots, I got mixed results. Sometimes it was the 3 beeps, sometimes 100% Silent, then Finally a Regular boot.

Unfortunatly my Mobo GA-890FXA-UD5 Rev 3.1, Does not have an on board GPU Chip Set, So I cannot test through just on my mobo.

I just unplugged my GPU, and replugged it in, I have not gotten any errors yet, Tho I am sure they are coming since its only been running 2 minutes.

Edit: If it is dieing, What Video card would you suggest? I really like Nvidia Cards, I feel they are just better brand, Tho I do have AMD Phenom II 6 Core 1090 3.2 Ghz Processor.
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  1. If you want to go Nvidia and if your budget is $250 or lower, the cards you can get are either a GTX660(around$230) or GTX650ti (around $150). There are rumors that Nvidia will release a GTX660SE or something and it's performance and price is rumored to be between the 660 and 650ti. I'm not saying you should wait to get that card but I'm just letting you know. It's still unofficial at the time
  2. I wont really have a budget, If I am upgrading my PC I generally go for the latest and greatest, I made my current PC like a 2 Years ago, when everything in it was the latest & Greatest. Atm, My PC runs everything and anything I throw at it, I will probably end up getting a new heat sync & fan for my CPU when/ If I get a new GPU. I just want to make sure that my GPU is going bad, or if it is just a Software issue, considering I am now running Win8.


    I dont want a new GPU if I dont have to to fix my issue, but If I have to I will get the best card I can get.
  3. The PCIe port itself might have been damaged from the drop, in which case the mobo needs to be replaced. Only way to know is to try another GPU out in the socket.

    Edit: Try a different PCIe lane and see if that fixes it.
  4. Alrgiht I'll give that a shot if it starts to happen again. I havent had the problem since i reset the chip into the PCIe, Surprisingly enough. I am almost positive that was only a temp fix tho, only the future can tell.
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