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Buying a Server For Hosting Minecraft

March 3, 2013 12:38:31 PM

I need advice on the following:
I know a lot about servers and PCs having built a number of desktops, and so on. I love running my minecraft server, but HATE having to rent it, so I am going to buy a dedicated server system, that is good, will run 300+ slots (In separate servers) I have EXCELLENT broadband speeds (Fibre Optic) No Latency Gigabit Network 25 Upload 20 Download 5ms Ping (

I am considering getting a second hand system of eBay such as the one below:

It is obvious that RAM, CPU, Memory and storage are the all important factors.
Graphics is not. And Minecraft Server Doesn't utilise Multi Core Technologies, but multicore would be nice, incase I would like to host new games

I live in the UK, so if on eBay, needs to be in the UK!

If you have a better system on eBay, that is under £300 please send me the link.

Any advice I would love to hear it!

Thank you ever so much in advance,

Oli :bounce: