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Resetting monitor from Windows 8 back to Vista

Hello, I bought a new PC with Windows8 (hate Windows8). I connected my old monitor to the tower and it worked fine. After realizing I could not tolerate Windows 8, I returned the new computer and tried to hook up my monitor to my old PC which used Vista as it's os. Now my old monitor won't work with Vista! The store I purchased the Windows 8 PC from said that Windows 8 'resets' the monitor to work with that os. How do I 'reset' my old monitor to work with Vista again?!?
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    Total crap! There is no reset on a monitor. If it doesn't work with you old tower, there must be something wrong. Can you check the pc with another monitor?
  2. You're right. It was total crap. After checking and rechecking my connections according to the manufacturer's schematics, my husband reminded me that we did have to have a new graphics card installed a year or so ago. I was hooking the monitor up to the wrong port! (I'm 62 and my memory is shot!). But I'd rather have a bad memory than be an electronics super store that gives out bad info. Thanks for your responses.
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