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So I upgraded my onboard HD 4250 to a GeForce GTX 660 and ever since my monitor is not going into proper Standby mode (=black screen, orange led color, not green), instead when the computer is idle for the predefined set of time (power options) it shows the "No Signal" banner boucing on the screen forever.

The only difference beyond the obvious (different graphics adapter and drivers) is the connection:
I used to connect the monitor through D-SUB to the onboard 4250, but now I'm using a D-SUB - DVI converter since the 660 only has DVI's and my big old CRT has only D-SUB.

I haven't used any drivers for my monitor because there is none for 64-bit, so it used and still using the default generic non-PnP drivers.
There's no problem waking up the monitor.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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  1. Hello... any banner is the result of your Windows Screen saver settings... set to Blank.
  2. Screen savers are disabled (None) already.

    What I see (No Signal) is part of the built in OSD of my monitor.
    Like when a monitor is not connected to anything, but turned on.
  3. Hello... please state your problem right now? Can't see windows boot, a standby problem after windows starts, NO VIDEO AT ALL?
  4. Goto the display options and hit the identify button. It looks like the video driver doesn't know how to set you monitor to sleep.
  5. It identifies it as 1.
  6. The identification includes an exchange of config data, like max resolution, refresh rate and how to set the monitor to sleep. So, did it change anything?
  7. Nope, it's still refuses to go to standby properly.
  8. Update: Apparently the monitor's EDID cannot be read where the monitor's specs are stored such as standby capabilities.

    I'm not sure if it is due to the DVI adapter or nvidia drivers.

    I might be wrong but if I remember correctly I could read the EDID with PowerStrip, but even than I don't know how could I generate a 64-bit driver out of it.
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