High Density/Low Density RAM?

I read it off the site below. What do they mean by High Density and Low Density SDRAM?


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  1. High density contains fewer chips, low density would have more. Low density would overclock better, due to it running cooler.

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  2. Also (and I'm not sure why, so if anyone can fill me in on the details, I'd appreciate it) high-density RAM works best on newer systems that don't have specific DIMM size limitations. (You know, the kind that you could theoretically toss a 1GB DIMM into.) Low-density RAM however works in those ancient machines where they had significant memory limitations. Some of those old machines can't even take more than 128MB into each DIMM slot.

    Again, I don't know why the density matters. I just know that I've seen it a lot of various memory reseller web pages. If anyone knows just exactly why density matters, I'd like to know. :)

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