Issue with amd vision center, looks... distorted?

i cant really find the right words to explain this so i had a hard time trying to google about it which lead me to asking here... i dont seem to be having any problems in games, and i couldnt really say there was a difference in fps since i just upgraded from a really slow computer to my current. i tried dropping the settings in the control settings, while it increased my fps it didnt fix that really weird problem... has anyone seen this before? my card is XFX Radeon HD 6670 (HD-667X-CDFR) 2048MB PCIe Gen 2.1 processor is oc to phenom(tm) II x4 b60 windows 7 32 4gb ram. i used to use a nvidia/intel setup with my hard drive but i never reinstalled windows on it after switching, i was wondering if that was maybe my problem?
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  1. Your saying you went from an intel MB and processor to an AMD MB and processor but didn’t do a fresh install on your system drive?

    That’s probably it.

    First, buy a new product code then re-image with 64 bit, you should be fine and you’ll get to use all your ram (instead of only 3.5gb)

    Product codes are married to the motherboard. Changing one out means a new license.
  2. you mean a new windows 7 key and format the drive and install 64 bit instead of 32 right? it would be nice to have that full ram, but how do i know if my computer hardware is compatible with 64? or does it not matter?
  3. Google the CPU and motherboard. It'll tell you. All current lines and most dating back to 2006 are 64 bit compatible.

    Anytime the motherboard or the CPU changes I advise reimaging your system. Swapping an Athlon X2 2.7 for an Athlon X3 3.0 would probably work without a reimage, as they are very similar architectures with the same drivers, but swapping an Intel for AMD ? I am amazed it even posted.

    If you changed out your intel motherboard because it fried you can call microsoft and beg them to release your original code. They might and if so you wont need to buy a new license.
  4. the only thing i changed was the hard drive from the old computer to the new computer i didnt know you have to do a fresh install. but now im having a problem, i setup a usb flash drive to run windows because im having issues with my cd drive and the install wont work. i used a program from microsoft that formats a usb drive and sets up a iso on it. when open up the files on the usb drive and click setup it says i can't run that file on this system version. after a bit of googling i went into the bios and setup the usb drive to run like a cd and then i set the priority to run the usb then the hard drive. i tried restarting windows a few times but everytime i restart it just gets hung in a black screen with my hardware temps and then either starts windows normally or pulls up a black screen with tons of options like repair windows or run windows normally.
  5. OK, you moved the hard drive from your old intel build to your new AMD build. Yes, a new format and install is needed.

    At this point I think you have problems compounding each other, making it impossible to actually solve the underlying issue. I would replace the hard drive and clear the bios (remove the CMOS battery or use the jumper or both).

    An inexpensive 160gb drive can be had in a few days:

    I keep five or so of these on hand, just in case. later you can format your old drive and do a check disk on it to see if it can be salvaged. I'd bet that the CD/rom magically starts working after you reset your BIOS and put a new hard drive in, but in case it doesn't, be ready to use that USB drive.
  6. i dont have any money and wont for a long while even for something as cheap as that. is there possibly any other way to get things working? what if i upgraded to the free trial of windows 8? the trial runs from the computer with out a cd right? so maybe i can do a clean install to windows 8 and then fix the drivers that way and then maybe downgrade back to windows 7? or maybe i can go from windows 7 32bit and upgrade to windows 8 64bit? there has to be some way to fix this with out spending any money

    e/ my hard drive is split into two partitions, i use the second half as storage. what if i install windows 8 trial onto that and then format the first half of the partition and then install windows. could i get it to work like that?
  7. i tried something earlier that my brother recommended me to try. he mentioned to me that the cd drive used to work until i put in my current graphics card since then i havent used the cd drive and wasnt aware of the issue till now. the cd drive belong to him in another computer build and it never had any problems. so he said to try taking out the graphics card because i might not have enough juice in the psu to run it cause of the card. i tried taking it out and got into windows and popped in a cd in the drive and the drive sounded like it was trying to read it then the computer froze and blue screen so i just put everything back to normal and im here now. it strikes me odd that me and him have been using the same hard drives in the same computers except my very first build and never had any problems... hes went from intel amd amd intel and ive went from intel amd intel amd, i did not share my first computer build with him as it fried in the wall when i plugged it in one day on a job site but the hard drive survived. this is over the course of 6 years or so. but also heres another catch, we checked out the cd drive in another computer and it works flawlessly... this is just absolutely crazy and frustrating
  8. Take your drive to your brother’s computer and perform a check disk on it. That will tell you if the drive is salvageable. If it is then have your brother wipe the drive using his computer.

    Then take it back to your computer and reinstall it. Clear the CMOS and then re-install windows. At that point the CD/Rom should work on basic windows drivers that are loaded to your system for the install by setup.

    I am not sure how you can get Win 8 without spending any money. I am unaware of any trial copies out there. There where beta versions for beta testers but those activation codes are long gone now.

    64 bit is a much better choice, as it is more stable. All currently available CPU’s have a 64 bit architecture and work better with a 64 bit OS.
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