Should I upgrade my video card or hdd to sdd?

Hello all, I am building a new system which I will be using for gaming, internet, and school and have a couple questions. I have all the parts I want, but have around $200 left to invest. I've narrowed it down to either:

A new video card (evga gtx660 to replace my existing and incredibly outdated evga gtx260)
A ssd (crucial m4 256gb to replace my 7200 hdd).

Here is my system specs:

asus p8z77-v pro motherboard
intel 3570 ivy bridge 3.4ghz processor
g.skill ripjaws 2x8gb 1600 (12800)
evga 260gtx
corsair 750w psu
1080p samsung gaming monitor
zalman 4-pin cpu fan
1tb samsung 7200rpm hdd

I know the video card and ssd are two very different aspects of the pc, but what is my biggest bottleneck? If you guys were me, what would you invest in? What is going to give me the most improvement? Bang for my buck?

I am leaning towards the ssd, as I heard virtu mvp can breath new life back into older video cards. Is that true or is it not that significant?

Thank you, any help is much appreciated!
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  1. SSD doesn't make a difference for gaming. Get a new video card for sure.
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    SSDs are pretty much the last component you should worry about, and an "extra" they aren't needed at all and can make very little difference, especially with 16GB of ram.

    Your GPU on the other hand is begging for an upgrade
  3. GPU by far.
  4. I would favor using a SSD to start with.
    It is much easier to upgrade the video card later than it is to change out a hard drive for a ssd.
    Windows install or updates that might take an hour will be done in 10 minutes.

    My preferred ssd would be Intel or Samsung if the price is not very different.
  5. I agree with unksol.

    The SSD will help boot times and game load times but with do absolutely nothing for your frame rates.

    If you can wait a bit for load times but want nice playable framerates than definitely GPU.
  6. Wow, thank you all for the very quick responses!! I really appreciate everyone of them. The general consensus seems to be new GPU.

    So, the virtu mvp isn't that significant? Also is evga a good brand? I heard someone saying MSI is better, but I know this is probably a relative question.
  7. tiny voices said:
    SSD doesn't make a difference for gaming. Get a new video card for sure.

    +1 :hello:
  8. Good video card brands include Gigabyte, EVGA, Sapphire, XFX.
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