Hangs up on motherboard splash screen.

I recently bought a new evga 660 ti graphics card, it installed fine and was running smooth for a few days. Then one morning it wouldn't boot up past the first motherboard splash screen. I re installed the my older card (PNY GTX 550 TI) and everything works fine. Haven't been able to try installing it to another PC.

Gigabyte 990 FX UD3 Motherboard
12 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR 3
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W Bronze
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  1. Not enough power from the psu
  2. @rezervesizeja

    Where did you get that info? That's so wrong unless the PSU is defective and/or can't provide 400W of power which I really doubt.


    Try uninstalling the drivers first, then install the card and the latest drivers afterwards (download directly from Nvidia). It's also possible that you may have a defective card and have to RMA it
  3. I've tried uninstalling the old card, shutting down to install new card and then downloading the drivers. Also just reformatted and tried the same thing. No luck should I just RMA it?
  4. Something very well could be going on with the card. Where you can RMA the card with EVGA I would if I were you take it back to the store and exchange it with them or RMA it with them and get a replacement or your money back to buy a different card and try it again. Right now is the prime time to get things exchanged with little to no fuss past 15-30 days and it goes to mailing out a card to EVGA for a week and then maybe a week to get back.
  5. Ended up taking it back and new card works perfect
  6. Great I had a feeling that would be the best avenue given you had just purchased the card :) Good stuff happy gaming man.
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