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So my last Asus GTX 670 crapped out on me a few week ago so I RMA'd it. I was using a Galaxy GTS 250 as a replacement until my 670 got back. Well I got the thing back, removed the 250 drivers, installed the new card, and booted my computer. It gets to the windows loading screen (you know, the one with the Windows logo) it gets to the end of its loading, I guess, and just restarts. No BSOD or anything and it just does it over and over again until I enter into safe mode. I go into safe mode and completely remove the 670 drivers and then make sure everything is good in my BIOS. Reboot and it starts fine. So I went and made sure all of my other drivers were up to date and they were, so I go ahead and go install the latest Nvidia drivers and restart. Then get the same thing. I go try to install, beta drivers, then legacy drivers. I get the same thing.
So after all this I decide to just reinstall Windows to make sure it wasn't the drivers. So I reinstall, get all of my drivers for my other peripherals, then again get the latest drivers for my 670, and guess what happens... it gets to the Windows loading screen, crashes, and restarts just as it did before. So from what I'm seeing is the just have the drivers installed, no matter which version, causes Windows not to load. It's pretty obvious that they RMA'd me a refurbished card, which is bullshit, but I'm going to pissed if I have to spend $15 returning my card again. Any thoughts?
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  1. It is likely possible that your new gpu is DOA, but before sending the gpu back to refund,
    :make sure you install the Graphic card all the way in, connect it with your PSU 8pin plug
    :go to safe mode and uninstall the whole previous Galaxy GTS 250 drivers.
    :install the latest drivers for your gpu here :http://www.geforce.com/drivers

    and also please state your computer parts its gonna help out alot
  2. As I said in my post I have already done all of these things.

    Specs: http://www.overclock.net/lists/display/view/id/4370772

    It will sure be splendid if I have to RMA this card the day I got it back. It sure was nice of them to replace my brand new GPU with one that was clearly heavily used previously. Thanks in advance for any help.
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