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HTPC for casual gaming

Im trying to come together with the parts for my PC. To tell you the truth, after hearing about the Steam Box, I wanted to see if I could come up with a PC that could do just as well as the Steam Box. Keep in mind that I am not going to be using this for Crysis 3 highest settings, only for more casual games such as strategy games. Do you think that these parts are good for use in what I want it to do?





DVD Drive:

Hard Drive:

Case Fan (I want to replace the one it comes with):


Im using Windows 7 as my OS. I decided not to go Windows 8 because of all the talk against it. Do these specs work together and even more importantly, is there possibility for upgrading (Im really looking into water cooling for later)?
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    This will run casual games just fine but I would get the 5800K. As in future upgrades, AMD is going to continue with the FM2 socket for a while and release new APU's. The rest of your parts work out.
  2. I was thinking of going for the 5800K as well, but I have a problem with it. I see that it requires more power than the 5700K (at least I think?) and I plan to crossfire with a regular graphics card (7760? Im not sure which one it was, but they did say you could crossfire the APU with an AMD card). Im wondering if I would end up not having enough power. Any advice?

    EDIT: Either that or the AMD Dual Graphics. That looked really appealing.
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