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I've recently bought Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB with Vapor-X and I have 2 problems with it.
First is coil whine (well, i suppose it's coil whine) - is it bad? I've sent one card on RMA because of it but second card (exactly the same Radeon) has that issue too. I've read that a lot of people is having this problem.
Second is the fans noise. I think that they are too "aggresive". When they're running 50% or less it's okay, they are not so loud. But when running some games they're going to make a big noise. For example - GTA 4 - I'm playing normally but during the cutscenes the temperature is rising to 75C degrees and fans are really loud. Or playing World of Warcraft - sometimes it's quiet but sometimes they're loud. I don't know why is it happening.

Is it a defect? RMA it again? Or that Radeon is just loud?

PS If i made any mistakes - I'm sorry but english is not my primary language and i'm still learning :)
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  1. The fan gets loud do to temperature, your Graphic card gets hot when you play high graphical games. You should increase your air flow in your case to stop the loud fan noises.
  2. I know that but how? My case is Coolermaster HAF 922 and i have fans on top, back and on the front of the case. I have Thermalright Silver Arrow on my CPU. I just think that fans are too loud for their working level.
  3. I have to agree about the noise. I have just got the Sapphire HD 7970 & its way louder than my old HIS HD 6950. When the fan goes above 50% its noticeable. 60-65% & up you have a high pitch whine that I cant ignore.
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