GPU size...

What does really matter to the gpu that can fit...Motherboard or the case ??

My motherboard is ASUS M2 N68-AM SE2

its bothering me like hell :sweat:
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  1. The case will determine the maximum length graphics card that will fit.

    You have to check to see if any hard disk drive cages or other obstructions will interfere with the installation of the graphics card.
  2. Nothing interfeers with the installation of the card :)
  3. What is the brand and model of the case?

    What is the brand and model of the graphics card?
  4. Hello... if you have a PCIE 16 slot you are good for most modern graphic cards... and your Motherboard does have it...

    High end cards require a double wide computer case opening... 2 slot openings wide... and most Tower cases have this... desktop cases this can vary...

    really high end cards are longer... and require more open room towards the front of a case... Dimensions of cards can be found on their WEBsites.
  5. Its an Intex Orion case, not very big but i think all gpu-s can fit i meassured it :bounce:
  6. nikolajk2234 said:
    Its an Intex Orion case, not very big but i think all gpu-s can fit i meassured it :bounce:

    You're saying an 12.4 inch (315 mm) long graphics card (e.g. ASUS Mars II, Powercolor HD 7990 Devil 13) will fit into that case. I don't see it happening.
  7. 12 inches wouldnt but 9-10 inches i believe would :D
  8. nikolajk2234 said:
    12 inches wouldnt but 9-10 inches i believe would :D

    Then what's your problem?
  9. what do you suggest what card should i get that will fit in that case ?
  10. What is your intended use, gaming, video rendering, GPGPU computation, ... ?

    What is your budget?

    Do you have a link to a vendor, that you purchase from, in your country?
  11. gaming...and my budget is 100 $ for now

    I havent got any vendor i usually buy something used for a reasonable price and i make sure its good ;)
  12. Which country?
  13. Croatia
  14. at around 100$, its possible to maybe find generally(at least in the U.S) HD 7750's, ~gtx 650 and the gtx 550ti. all of which shouldn't be that large in this budget range.

    edit: because this is a different country,. its hard to pinpoint prices due to prices not being equal throughout the world. some places can get certain cards cheaper/more expensive.
  15. so wich one is better ?
  16. it relatively depends on settings and games, and what price point you are buying them at. since i don't know card prices in croatia nor i dont know of an online retailer to generally compare them.
  17. Well as long as your motherboard supports PCIE 1.0 X16 at the minimum then it will all depend on your case and from the looks of your case you will be able to fit most cards that aren't too long.
  18. Too long ? So can you tell me wich card that might be ? and their lenght
  19. hello... GTX 460 1 GB... are really good Used deals right now... EBAY... Croatia BAY? Will work with a 400 watt power Supply... But card length can vary from 8 inches to larger depending on the FAN/Cooling Design. PassMark of 2663.
  20. YES...that would be good :D
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