My gaming build and cant run BF3 ?

Hey guys , I just build my pc.. --->

cpu run at 26 c IDLE .... everything seems to be correctly install.... windows 7 x64 ..

Why I cant run bf3 at max setting :O ? does my config looks good or not ? :(
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  1. It's a good config, and should be able to run bf3 at max, I have no clue. ):
  2. You should be bale to max it without problem. What is your GPU temp under load?
  3. I thought with this config I can maxed almost every games .. im wrong ? :(
  4. No, it will max most games no problem. What is your GPU temp under load?
  5. aprox 65 c
  6. That's a bit warm but not an issue. Have you updated the AMD drivers?
  7. I install the driver with the Cd that comes with
  8. greepnat01 said:
    I install the driver with the Cd that comes with

    I wouldn't download software form the CD's that come with it. Download 13.1 from the website?
  9. I will give a try :P
  10. have you found a solution? :)
  11. Arghh! Still no solution, now after having it in for reparation at the dealer they even gave me a free update on the gpu to 7800 series.. and i also have upgraded the ram to 12 gb.. but no results :( playing bioshock infinate and there is a lot of small stuttering/lagging, but there is a great bit more lag when i goes from one room to another and when the game is loading... What the fuck coulf be the problem? If anyone have an idea, please notify me :) i also had trouble installing the new ram chips, there is supposed to be locks on both sides of the ram slot, but i only have on the one side.. i would be so greateful for any suggestions or solutions :) just so you guys know, i am a shitty googler so i have no clue.
  12. What settings do you have it set to would you be able to screenshot the page.
  13. What settings areyou talking about? In the game? I have full resolution and everything on high.. the dealers i baught the pc from says its wierd since i have a good enough rig to max that game out to the max
  14. Hmm I wonder what happens when you turn down AA+AF do your frames increase. Also what is happening when you set your settings to max.
  15. i do not really know what u are talking about now. now yesterday when i was trying to play farcry 3.. the loading was totaly insane slow. and the sound also got dissorted in a way.. and that also happened when i was scoobadiving in farcry and was on my way to the surface the sound also got messed up..
  16. What post are you referring to now I'm confused. If you have a question of your own regarding far cry 3 I suggest you create a thread for that.
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