GTS 250 upgrade?

I now have a Nvidia GTS 250 gpu, and I want to upgrade but I'm not sure what card would perform better than mine without costing me a fortune. Any suggestions?
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  1. You will only see a small improvement with the HD 7770.

    Get the AMD 7870 instead. You will see major improvements. Its $90 more but well worth it.

    If you think that is too pricey get the 7850. Only $50 more than the 7770.

    By the way whats your setup so we can give better advice?
  2. or he can get a 7850 and overclock it 1050MHz~ to get to 7870 performance.
  3. if you dont want to lose a chunk of the wallet, 1gb varient of the 7850 should be a great price to performance contendor.
  4. a recent comparison to a gts250 would be a hd5750 or 5770, or nvidia gst450. The 7770 is good for some games but in some titles it performs worse than the 5770, here for example,3135-7.html
    i would recommend at least a 7850, gtx650ti or gtx660 for a noticeable upgrade. and get a 2gb card, not a 1gb.
  5. budget?
  6. Ok, well I see that everyone has suggested Radeon cards, and the 7870 is definitely one of the best choices.
    Depending on what game you play, 7850 may suck for you, so just tell us what games you play.

    If you want to go with the green team, I would suggest the GTX 660. It's priced between the 7850 and 7870 and
    if you play BF3 (that's my game), then the 660 outperforms both Radeon cards. But otherwise, the 660 usually
    does in between the two and it's a good choice for the money.
  7. I play a lot of WoW, if that helps. I'm looking for anything less than $250
  8. Slazlon said:
    I play a lot of WoW, if that helps. I'm looking for anything less than $250

    WoW is the green team:
    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 FTW Signature 2 2GB $234.99
  9. I have no idea regarding 7850 performance in WoW, but here are two suggestions.
    DirectCU II is by far my fave cooler.
    Here's a 7870

    Both under $250.
  10. 660GTX should be your 1st priority. its benchmark is better than another. Two cards from ASUS and Gigabyte respectively can meet your budget around 220 USD on Newegg.,3318-12.html
  11. But you don't need to upgrade your graphics card if you are to play WoW!!!
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