I have this computer:

All the specs are located there. I would write them out for you but I don't know whats important.

I want to play games like Battlefield 3 on Ultra with steady 60FPS. I do have a i7 3770,12gb of ram, but a horrible GPU Radeon 5750.

Can you please help me find a good graphics card that's compatible with my system's motherboard etc. plus I have windows 8 so I don't know if that matters.

I was thinking about the 7850 or the 660, I've never opened a computer before but I have watched videos. Is it easy to replace the graphics card and for that card I think the power supply too?

I don't want to spend over 300 dollars in total.
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  1. So basicly you have 460w powersupply, and the new 660s suck not that much of power, this Graphics card

    well run anything you through at it on ultra steady 60fps in battlefield 3, it costs 310$ just add a little 10$ to your budget, you wont regret your buy
  2. That may or may not work. You'd need to check and see how many PCI-e connectors your PSU has. If it only has one, that limits your options a bit. The 660Ti requires 2 6-pin PCI-e connectors, the 7850 only requires one.
  3. I think you should get the Radeon 7850 over the 660Ti.

    Your power supply should handle it okay. If you don't know how this will run Battlefield 3 for example on Ultra, Youtube it's performance. From the videos I've seen it's great.
  4. if you could get a 7870 it would help you would get around 50 to 60 fps
  5. This is the main reason why i think mainstream prebuilts is bad so limited because sooner or later its going to be a better option to just build one from scratch same thing happen to my old dell pc
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  7. if you wanna get 60 FPS or above, you can't have a setting of 2560x1600. Then, you can consider Gigabyte GTX660 Ti or ASUS GTX 660 DC for BF3. Personally, I don't like MSI due to its horrible RMA service....
  8. That's... a REALLY weird prebuilt. Have you gone past the expiration date yet?

    You'd be way better off with an i5 and 8GB of RAM (losing NO gaming performance) and spending that $100 on even more graphics power.
  9. 7850 is your best choice in this scenario
  10. Go with hd 7850
  11. I'm not even sure if it could fit in my case or if my power supply could handle it
    how about this ?
  12. I'm running a 7870 on a 460W.
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