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OK well, my desktop computer(HP motherboard) was bought on Christmas. it DOES have an integrated graphics card, and it runs at low fps for my games. i wanted to know if i could replace the built in graphics card? also can you guys recommend some graphics cards? don't make them overpriced, im really just going for FPS increase. Please help me, i have been searching the internet and still cant find an answer. PLEASE ask me questions if needed i really want to get this figured out.

The specs i know of:(noob sorry =S)
processor: AMD e1-200 APU with Radeon HD graphics
windows 8 64-bit
system manufactioner: Hewlett-Packard
system model: p2-1334
4069 MB ram
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  1. looking at the produc specification page, the motherboard has absolutely no pci-e lanes so you are kind of out of luck on that one. you would need a new motherboard(anbd a new OS if you plan on transferring the hard drive over as it doesnt carry over to a new board.)
  2. I looked at 4 different sites. only found 1 picture of a motherboard. looked like a mini-itx with no expansion slots. if that's the case, no you can't put a discreet graphics card on it.

    I also could not find specs on the power supply. you would have to pull the side from the case and read the information on it......

    can you post a picture of the inside of your case? would like to see the actual hardware ( motherboard ).
  3. You don't "replace" the integrated graphics but you turn it off/don't use it when you put in a graphics card.

    An integrated graphics card is for watching movies, surfing the internet, email, word processing etc. It is lousy for playing any games other than spider solitaire etc.

    Based on the Cork2 motherboard they put in there, there are no PCI slots so you cannot upgrade with another graphics card with that mb.

  4. Your PC's service manual -> http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/manualCategory?cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&product=5296931&

    Your PC does not have any expansion slots. There is nothing to be done regarding your FPS, sorry.
  5. LOL yeah no expansion slots AT ALL

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