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6770m or 7670m

Can anyone tell me which card is superior

1GB 6770m
1GB 7670m

which is better for gaming?
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  1. 1GB 7670m
  2. 6770m because of faster core freq and GDDR5.
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    Radeon 6770m slightly faster. It fares against nVidia's discreet GT 640, GT 454 DDR3 and AMD's 6670 DDR5 powered graphic card. 7670's performance, though, (perhaps has the same performance level as Radeon 7660D found on Trinity A10-5800K) should be fairly equal to compete against GTX 260m from nVidia.
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  5. Pyree said:
    6770m because of faster core freq and GDDR5.

    yea i thought the same.....thnx :)
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