EVGA GTX 460 FTW vs XFX HD7770

Hello everyone,

I have recently upgraded my unit from Intel i5-2500/Asrock P67/G Skill 8gb 1333 to Intel i7-3770/Gigabyte Z77n-wifi/8gb Corsair 1600, along my 1 1/2 year old EVGA GTX 460 FTW video card. I am planning to replace it with XFX HD7770. I want to ask if XFX HD7770 performs better vs EVGA GTX 460 FTW?

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  1. What are u using this pc for? If for gaming u went too high on the cpu and too low on the gpu.
  2. they are relatively the same tier, the 460 will perform better, but less efficient per watt.
  3. hi J_e_d_70, using my pc for gaming, but only in decent settings. i got my cpu from an old friend for a very cheap price. i am pretty satisfied with the performance of my old graphics card in gaming, however, its kinda old now and i read few reviews that HD7770 is cooler and consume less power vs gtx 460s. if hd7770 will perform closer (or hopefully a bit better) vs gtx 460 ftw, then i am pretty much happy with it. thanks
  4. hi dudewitbow, thank you very much.
  5. HD 7770 is a lot more power efficient than gtx 460.But gtx460 has better perfomance.Unless u r concerned about the card's power efficiency it's vlcer to stick with u'r old GPU
  6. if you can go up to a 7850 it will boost you performance by a lot over the 460 and the 7770
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