Framerate drops by half after a few minutes

Hey all,

I'm having a problem with my setup, first things first;

i7 3770k clocked to 4.0ghz
asrock extreme9 mobo
32gig corsair vengsance 1866 ram
3x evga gtx 670 sc 4gb
corsair psu 1200w
samsung ssd 256g
3tb hdd
3x ASUS vg278h

latest nvidia drivers installed (310.90)

I seem to get good performance for about 5 mins then framerate drops by roughly half.

(example) Farcry 3 will run high settings 2d surround 60+ fps for 5 mins then drop to 30 - 35 fps

Temps don't get much higher than 70 degrees although usage does seem to be up and down on all cards

I am new to multi monitor and sli gaming so If more info is needed please tell me rather than flame.

Any help is very much appreciated as I paid a sh*tload of $$$ for what I thought would be a beast of a pc.

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  1. It could be the problem with 3-way SLI. Does the problem occurs in other titles as well or just FC3?
  2. Happens with bf3 also, runs perfect for a while then drops to 20 or under.

    Any ideas? Gpu's overheating?
  3. Could be. How are temps when you're running a game? Use MSI afterburner to find out.

    Open Afterburner>Go to Settings>Monitoring>Click on GPU Temperature and tick Show in On-Screen Display. You could check GPU usage, memory usage as well.
  4. ok thanks, i'll check it out when i get home tonight (still at work for a few hrs) and i'll post the readings
  5. try using 2 cards for a bit maybe?
  6. I just realised something completely noobish. All my fans are set to intake. Could this be the issue? Also how can i turn 1 of the 3 cards off?
  7. i'm not sure if that is possible, the only thing i know is to physically remove the card. sorry, never used more than 1 gpu before :)
  8. Actually no there is a fan set to exhaust
  9. Solved.

    My cpu cooler was faulty
  10. So your CPU overheats is that what you're saying?
  11. Yeah apologies for the lack of info this thread, i spend the whole of last night trying to figure the problem and i noticed cpu temp was 99c at idle.

    Long story short - removed corsair h70 and reinstalled stock intel as well as downclocked to stock 3.5ghz

    Runs nice and cool at 47c (idle)
  12. Good job on solving the problem then. Is the H70 still under warranty?
  13. Yeah its less than a month old thankfully.

    Thankyou for taking the time to help me
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