My laptop connects to a single wifi network with multiple connections

Hi there,
could anyone please tell me that today suddenly I find that my laptop is connecting to my own wifi network twice.
What I actually mean is that this system is showing that there are two wireless networks in the same name and connects to both of them by adding the single digit number 2/3/4 at the rear of the network name or SSID,
Actually there is only one network and not two
when I try to disconnect any one of the two, then the other also gets disconnected automatically
when I try to merge the two then also there is an issue as the system finds a third network by the same name and also by adding the next digit at the back of the ssid name connects to the same again as a multiple connection.
Please help
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  1. Login to your router's page and change the SSID and try to encrypt it with the latest encryption algorithm such as WPA/WPA2 with TKIP/AES. This should fix this issue.
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