Radeon HD 4800 under $200 upgrade

Hello. I have a computer that runs great. I am currently running a Radeon HD 4800 card. It works great and I run everything on high. The issue is that I just got a 32inch TV to use as one of my screen and it only has HDMI. I am using an adapter right now but it is causing my screen to have a big chunk of it to be cut out. I work in Japan so I can get a new card I just dont know about what to get. Right now I play League of Legends just about every day and of course I can already run that at max speed. I also play Eve Online at everything maxed accept for the AA. I heard they are going to do a major possible overhaul of the game with Tessilzation (bad spelling sorry) that will require DX 11.1 or higher (I have now). I am just looking for what should be the next step up for under 200 bucks from what I got.

My system is is an
i7 920 at 2.67Ghz
6 gib Ram.

Any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. in the CCC try my digital flatpanels/HDTV support.

    desktop management/..................... read/select.
  2. ikes9711 said:

    Otherwise grab some of nVidia's GT 660 powered card.
  3. Thank you much I will look into it
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