RAM problem??? Helpppp please!

I have 16gb of RAM on my system, and the OS and my cpu gadgets and stuff said I had 16gb, I look on 'System' in my os and on the gadgets and it says 8gb or of 16gb usable, my jaw fell onto the floor, and I am freaking out. What is the cause of this??!
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  1. do u have a desktop or laptop?
  2. It means your RAM is shared with something in your PC.....and there's a good chance your motherboard probably has an integrated video card instead of a stand-alone.
  3. No nevermind I fixed it, there was a loose RAM clicker and wasn't holding it down correctly, I dont know if that fixed it, but its either that, or when I took out the RAM and put it back in, it let me use my full 16GB
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