Which graphic card suitable for my cpu ?

my cpu specification is
4gb ram ddr 3 666 mhz
500 gb hard disk
Intel pentium dual core dual core e5500 2.8 ghzg
Asus p5g41c-mlx motherboard
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  1. Hd 7750, HD 7770, GTX 640 or lower ens cards like HD 5450, GTX 610

    Your CPU will bottleneck any better graphics card.
  2. dont go with a low end gpu. it doesnt matter if your cpu bottlenecks a low end card or high end, you will get the same amount of performance. but the benefit of buying a high end gpu in this situation is that when or if you upgrade down the road you dont have that shitty gpu that was giving you the same fps back then but would give you half the fps now.
  3. what is your PSU? Will make a huge difference in your options.
  4. Aim for a 7750, 7770, 650, 650ti. These cards don't suck a lot of power (less than 100W irrc). We can give more specific advice once you tell us your PSU specs.
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