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SLI question?

Is SLI worth it? I was thinking about buying a GTX 660 for now and then buying another one in the summer, but I don't know if it's worth it. I have seen benchmarks showing the boost SLI/Xfire can give, but I've always heard that there are many inconsistencies with performance, drivers, etc. So, just looking for a little feedback as to whether I should try a 660 now and SLI later or just wait for a stronger single card later.
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  1. FYI, I saw a GTX 660 for $199 at a local brick and mortar, so I can always return it if the results aren't that great. I am currently using a 6870 with a 3570k.
  2. Have you considered just getting another 6870? 6870's in CrossFire is a decent setup.
  3. I have before, but didn't really consider it because I would have to upgrade my PSU now to do it. Also, I have the 1gb 6870 and I using all of that and then some at 1080p. The 660's are at least 2gb.
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    one monitor at 1080p 1GB would be enough. if you were higher res or using eyefinity or surround then you would want more. IMO there just isnt that big of a difference between the 660 and the 6870 to make it worth dumping the 6870 and getting 660 then adding in another 660 later. I'd add another 6870 then in a year or so step into a higher tier card.
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  6. I decided to go with a second 6870 and also upgrade my psu. This came out to be the same price as a single 660 and now I can upgrade to a higher single later. This second 6870 will hold me over till summer. Thanks.
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